High Alkaline Water pH 10.5

High Alkaline Water

High alkaline water typically refers to water that has a pH level greater than 7.5, making it less acidic than neutral water (which has a pH of 7.5).

Icpure high ph water is  not for drinking. High ph Water preserves hygiene in your daily life due to its strong cleaning effect. Usage: food preparation and cleaning.

Food Prep

Icpure alkaline water use for clean vegetables and fish. Enhance the flavor of broccoli, onions, etc. by pre-boiling them in Icpure Water

High alkaline water used for making food


Clean the cutting boards and dishcloths. The extra absorption power makes this water excellent for removing tough stains.


Save on water bills, as only one-third to one-fourth of the usual amount of water is adequate for rinsing off detergent.

High alkaline water for dish

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