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Specially designed by our team of experts, this revolutionary device combines advanced technology and modern design to transform ordinary tap water into a refreshing and health-boosting elixir.

Trusted by 5,00,000+ healthy Indians

Approved by Govt. of India

Developed in collabboration with CSIR-IICT, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.

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Alkaline Water Ionizer

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Five Types of Water

Ionize alkaline water develop using electrolysis process, where tap water is passed through an ionization chamber, which consists of platinum coated titanium electrodes. It’s believed that ionized water contains higher pH levels and antioxidant properties, which can potentially help balance the body’s acidity.

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Health Benefit

It helps in reducing acidity, maintains oxygen levels in blood, cleanses your skin from inside, some research shows that alkaline water reduces high blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.

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Miracle Property

Drinking alkaline ionizer water is the more effective way to stay hydrated.  Alkaline water has miraculous properties, acts as an anti oxdant, this water is micro cluster.

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3.0 Series

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"I found this icpure alkaline water ionizer machine quite costly but when I got it installed at my home then my family members under 3 week changes started showing up in my family member under everyday life given to improve."

Shivam Kumar

"Icpure alkaline water ionizer machine is very useful and important for our health. I would definitely recommend this machine for all. We also have a great service experience."

Navneet Kaur


Although a person looks thin on the outside, they may have fat on the inside that nobody can see that puts them at risk of type 2 diabetes. How is this possible?

What is Life of this Machine?

The average lifespan of an alkaline water ionizer by ICPURE is 45-50 years.

Note: You need to keep it’s filters & servicing in check

How can we trust ICPURE?

ICPURE Machines are developed in technical collaboration with CSIR-IICT, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India and over 5,00,000+ people are drinking ICPURE Water everyday.

After purchase what will happen if I drink normal water?

When you start drinking ICPURE water, you’ll start feeling a lot of changed in your health. Anyhow if you may drink normal water too.

What all other diseases can be cured with ICPURE?

Water is the fundamental of human existence, since our body also consists of 70%-80% water. Just by choosing right water you can get benefit in almost any kind of diseases.

I heard it has mutiple types of water, how does that work

Yes, ICPURE alkaline ionizer gives you 5 different pH levels of water having their individual usage in our daily life ranging from pH 5.5 to pH 10.5, for more information register.

How frequent do we need to do servicing?


ICPURE Machines have two modules, filteration and ionization. The filters needs to be changed once annually, whereas the titanium & platinum plates in the ionization module do not require any kind of servicing at all.