Five types

Icpure alkaine water ionizer machine provide five types of water. The human body consists of more than 70% water. It will not be an exaggeration to say that “water is the basis of vitality and longevity.” Icpure provides safe alkaline water that can be used with confidence for the benefit of health, beauty, cleaning and food.

Explore pH level

for water use

pH 7.5

pH 8.5

pH 9.5

pH 10.5

pH 5.5

Icpure Five Types of Water

Why pH 7.5

pH 7.5 water is recommended for baby drinking and medicine in take.

5 types of water for baby water

Why pH 8.5

pH 8.5 water is recommended for daily drinking purpose.

5 types of water for drinking water

Why pH 9.5

pH 8.5 water is recommended for
cooking, tea & rice making.

5 types of water

Why pH 10.5

pH 10.5 water is recommended for
washing fruits, vegetables, pulses.

Why pH 5.5

pH 5.5 water work as toner for skin
and conditioner for hair.