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Welcome to the Icpure Alkaline Water Ionizer, your one-stop destination for the market’s most innovative and self-cleaning Alkaline Water Ionizer!

Mr. Mayank Dalmia

I have installed this machine, it machine provide alkaline water. This machine is so effective for blood pressure, sugar, etc.

Mrs. Lata Bansal

Ever since we installed the alkaline water machine, the whole family drinks water from the machine and we even share food with water from the machine. The food is very tasty. The demand for everyone's machine is very high. All of you should also use this machine as much as possible.

Mr. Sunjoy Khanna

The machine I bought has many benefits, the water in the machine removes acidity, and my health reports are now coming back normal.

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ICPURE is pioneer in India to develop Alkaline Water Ionizers in technical collaboration with CSIR-IICT, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India.

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